MFF con report a week late XD

Hi folks, I finally have a moment to post. MFF was a blast, as always.

Thursday we got there later than we wanted, but had some last minute stuff to wrap up before the con. We got there to discover our room got screwed up. For some reason we got a room with a king instead of 2 beds. They said they'd move us for the rest of the con, but we had to suck it up Thursday night. Anyway, it was good to see a lot of familiar faces and catch up with peeps. The Imp costume I made for Draggor made it's debut that night, and almost every time I saw him after that he was in suit.

Friday I tried Artist's Alley for a few hours. It was a lot of fun, I got a few drawing and sketch commissions and some interest in Tinkerdarn costumes. I think I may do Artist's Alley at FCN too for a bit too. My new corgi fursuit also made it's debut as soon as I got out of the Alley. It was very well recieved, and a lot of fun to wear. I love the changes I made to it, it makes it more cute, more practical, and more fun to wear. At night there was the dance, the improve panel, and then a hanging out with friends.

Saturday my mate and I stopped by the dealer's room and got an awesome watercolor sketch commission from Laura Garabedian, she made us so cute!!! I think we'll have to go back for more at some point. :) That night I was in and out of watching Lupis with friends, and I went to a rockin party with Mighty. I ran into a lot of people and had a good time drinking and chatting the night away.

Sunday I was pulled away from the con to go to work most of the day. I made it back in time for food with friends, a game of Settlers of Catan, and the Dead Horse party. Which, as always, is pretty rockin.
The con was a blast and I already can't wait for FCN. As always, I want to do a better job at staying in touch with people, but my life always ends up too busy. If I still can't get on IMs more frequently I hope to atleast be more active on FA.

The best part was getting to relax with my mate and friends, make art, and debut costumes. I know that is too many best parts, but that is how I roll!

Thank you all for the fun. I don't want to do shout outs since I know I'll forget to mention SOMEONE and feel terrable. You lovely people who spent time with me know who you are and I love you all. <3

ps. Pics of imp costume will be uploaded to FA before long too, though they are already on the tinkerdarn website.

MFF & Commissions

Haha, It's been so long since I've update LJ I almost forgot HOW! I'm going to make it more of a goal to write journals and post art here. I dislike how distanced I become from Furry when I'm not at cons. That being said, I've already got a room arranged for MFF and I CAN'T WAIT!

I better see all you folks there! :P

I have a crazy amount of work to do but I am aiming to open up for commissions at MFF this year. I have been taking commissions from close friends on the side for a while and I'd like to take the next step. I'm very excited about it.

Anywho, back to work!
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*gasp* I updated!

Life is crazy as usual.

Job one is still going boring as hell.

Job two is going nuts. Classes are going well, though they are small. I'm getting good feed back and of course always learning. Rehearsals are going alright but things really need to pick up to be ready for the show this month. This past month was supposed to be the calm before the storm. Instead it's been hustle bustle everywhere all the time.
I can't wait to paint the set.

I got some good progress on the partial suit over the weekend even though I was sick. I'm better now. My girlfriend was sick too, we had lots of sleepy snuggley recover time because of it though.

I'm totally booked with fursuit commissions until a year from now. I really want to see if I can slowly ween myself away from Job one, and into fursuits and commissions more. It'll be a slow process and I'll need a solid plan. We'll see what happens.

So theres some thoughts... I mainly wanted to update to let people know I wasn't dead since it's been FOREVER since I posted. I feel kinda sleepy dead right now though. *snore*

Some day when I have time I'll post more art here. XD
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I can't wait. I'm leaving home tonight and wont be back home until next week. All I can think is, "fcn fcn fcn fcn fcn." Weeee! I'm caffinated!

I hope to see a bunch of you folks there! I may demand hugs!



Later peeps!
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Long time no post

A lot of different things have been going on, and I'm in the middle of tough decision, but for the most part life is going well for this corgi.

I wont be at AC this year due to work, however, I will be at FCN and hope to party with folks there. =)

I finally got pics of the Beast costume I did at work, I plan on posting those around the internet tonight.

Later peeps, hope you are all well.

MFF 09 Con Report

Wow! I had a blast! I hung out with SO MANY PEOPLE, old friends and new ones. I was partying with different furs every night. I even got to party with some friends who rarely do the party scene.

-Get to con

-out to breakfast with furs
-get served cheesy hashbrowns by a cute blonde
-Settlers of Catan
-Improve Panel
-Dance - Unexpectedly ran into an old LARP buddy!
-Party & Kings

-be hungover for the first time ever at a con despite the insane amounts of drinking
-stay sober most of the day
-browse art everywhere
-saw "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind" - Awesome!
-Pizza dinner with furs
-A low key party, talked with a fur I don't normally get to sit and chat with.

-Dead Horse & Kings

My biggest problem is I wish I could've spent even more time chatting with different peeps but there was no time for all of it! By the start of Saturday I felt like it should've been Sunday with all of the fun.

l00t: An AWESOME pocket watch, a sketch from Susan Van Camp, a Happy Heart Dragon, and a cute chibi badge with a bell on it.

I did hit a slight bump sunday night and turned in early, but I had to work today anyway, so whatevz. The con was amazing. Even though the hotel sucked. ;P

Thank you everyone for all the fun! I'd do a shout out if I ever remembered anyone's name ever... But I don't so... you don't get one so peeps wont get left out.

It'll take a while for my body to recover from that... I don't want anymore b00ze.

Edit: Random highlights as they come to me
-cute laser
-muff rhymes with stuff
-Weird Al sing alongs in Jewel (sober, mind you!)
-kings all the time everytime
-forcing someone who brought a guitar to play it for me while I was in suit so I could dance to the music. Being cute is helpful.
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(no subject)

I will be leaving for MFF 2009 soon. Just finishing another hour or so of work first. I'm so excited I can hardly think about anything else. I can't wait to see friends and meet new ones. I'll be there thursday night through sunday for maximum fun and I'll be bringing the corgi suit of course.

If you see me feel free to come up and say hello! Depending, I may demand hugs! :P

~Crazi Corgi
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*jumps up and down*

It just hit me that MFF is a week away. ZOMG IM EXCITED!!!

Doing a final fursuit fitting & farewell tomorrow! Said fursuit will debut at MFF! I'll probably be romping around along side him at some point too.

Also, I'm going LARPing for the first time in forever this weekend. I wasn't excited about it at first. So I came up with some cool explinations as to why she hasn't been adventuring in years as well as fun character development. So now I'm excited to LARP again! YAAAY!

I think I may explode from all the excitement before any of it actualy happens and I haven't even had any caffine today...
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